I make understanding finance easier.

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I work with organisations who want to understand how people’s behavior impacts financial performance, so they can become more skillful, productive and profitable.

In many business meetings, managers sit quietly while the numbers are discussed, not understanding the jargon, and not asking questions in case they are seen as ignorant. Two thirds of Managers do not know the difference between profit and cash. *

I help them understand the words and the numbers, so they can make better business decisions. My online programmes include Virtual Leadership, Negotiation Online & Onscreen, and Finance for Non Finance Managers.

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For more personalized development, I offer coaching specific to your need – particularly when you prefer a coach who understands finance in business.

My clients include Tata Steel, LGC Group, Bank of Palestine, Future Pipe International, Cleveden Fasteners, ESPO and American Express.

These programmes have been delivered in 25 countries across Europe and the Middle East, with clients in over 150 organisations, including 8 insurance companies, 7 banks, 5 energy companies, plus hotels, automotive, retailers, agriculture, charities and public sector. I combine training with coaching and leadership skills, remembering that professionals have to develop their communication skills to match their responsibilities.

**From ‘Are Your People Financially Literate?’ Karen Berman & Joe Knight, Harvard Business Review October 2009

What Phil Does

Finance Training

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How We Work

It starts with a conversation – based around the training outcomes you want, or the problem you want solving. From that we prepare specific training objectives; the overall aim you wish to achieve and a number of specific objectives, which together will answer the question “What will we be able to do as a result of this training?”.

We then design an outline that meets these objectives, so you can see what the training will look like, and how it will deliver the training objectives you have specified.

To start the process, schedule a call by emailing phil@philingleassociates.com or just go for it and call (+44) 07968774357